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wildsideThe Cape Recife Area is situated off Marine Drive, along Port Elizabeth’s magnificent beachfront. The area’s rich natural diversity, exciting outdoor activities and various accommodation establishments makes it a ‘must-see’ destination for anyone visiting Port Elizabeth.

The unique and easily recognisable Cape Recife Lighthouse stands as a beacon overlooking this natural wonderland and for those patient enough, nature might reward them with a glipmse of the Roseate Tern or perhaps the Cape lighthouseclawless otter. From it’s unique blend of globally important plant and animal species to it’s breathtaking beaches - Cape Recife offers its visitors a truly unique natural experience.

For the more adventurous, there are a variety of exhilierating activities to choose from. Whether it be a round of golf at the Humewood Golf Club, landing a musselcracker off the rocky beach or exploring the unique underwater reefs, Cape Recife has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Cape Recife Conservancy (CRC) seeks to protect this rich and bio-diverse natural heritage by effectively managing and conserving all it’s resources for our future generations.

Come on, why not take a walk on our Wildside?